By Hay House Best Selling author and coach Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig


How to Live with Intention and Manifest a Life That Loves You Back



Ready to Intentionally Manifest a Life that Loves you back?

Let’s do this Chica!


This book is for Chicas ready to start gaining momentum and claim their dreams. If you feel stuck in life, you don’t see a way forward, or you don’t believe you deserve to make your aspirations a reality, let’s start by imagining what is possible for you. Chica, Why Not?


In this book, you will find all the tools you need to accept that the life of your dreams is not only within reach, it is your right. You will be able to

  • Get Clarity on your goals and how they contribute to the biggest, most authentic vision you have for your life
  • Learn to Collaborate with the Universe to manifest your dreams in your life
  • Become Curious when fears and excuses hold you back
  • Practice Compassion and self-love as you overcome your own limiting beliefs as well as outside pressures—including familial and cultural expectations

The six steps outlined in this book will transform your life, as you learn to align with the Universe and its plans for you, and authentically step into the life of your dreams. The world is waiting for you to show up fully and authentically. Con todo Chica!

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The official companion workbook. Following along will be easier with this companion workbook where you will find all the forms in a fillable PDF. Fill in your device or print and write directly in the pages.


The six steps explained by me in video. I look forward to sharing with you my biggest take away from each of the chapters as you read along. Grab a cafecito, and press Play.


Two powerful pre-recorded meditations from "Chica, Why Not?". These meditations will help you connect and overcome your fears, as well as visualize that desire that lives in your heart. Lets manifest chica!

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About Sandra

Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig is a certified life coach from the Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada. Through her Facebook and Instagram communities, as well as her non-profit coaching program and her Chica Catalyst, she helps Latinas intentionally manifest a life that loves them back. Through individual and group coaching, Sandra has connected with women from all over the Americas, including the United States, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

After leaving her childhood home of Monterrey, Mexico, Sandra poured herself into a successful corporate career that took her to Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and ultimately to Canada, where she now resides. Tired from trying to unsuccessfully chase happiness, she turned to therapy and spirituality for help, eventually becoming a certified life coach, Reiki practitioner, and a certified angel card reader.